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Hot Rumors about Nikon D850 and the D760


Canon is rumored to be launching two DSLR cameras, the EOS 200D and Canon EOS 6D Mark II. There are also rumors of the main competitor, Nikon will launch the D850 or D820, and Nikon D760, which is a full-frame professional camera. 

This is the hottest news for Nikon lovers around the world, even moderate factions who are not affected by the Canon VS competition. Nikon, will probably pay attention to what Nikon can offer to the D760 and Nikon D850. Is there a significant difference with full-frame cameras, both Canon and Nikon manufactured such as the Nikon D810.

Nikon D850? Image:
As quoted from famous site,, it is rumored that Nikon D850’s sensor will have two options, one is Sony’s 42.4MP full frame sensor (Same sensor on a7R II), the other will be a new 50MP full frame sensor. And Nikon D850 will have 4K video recording and advanced AF system. While Nikon D760 is expected to arrive even prior to the Nikon D850, both camera could be announced this month.
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Nikon D760. Image:
When we talk about Nikon's full-frame cameras whose specifications are higher than the D760, it turns out there's a rumor that Nikon is not going to name its high-end full-frame cameras with the D850's name, but will be called the Nikon D820. Apart from this latest camera naming problem, you may need to know the whispers on the Internet about the specifications of the D850 or D820, ie as reported by, as follows:

  • The rumored announcement date is slated for the summer. Maybe it’s Nikon’s true 100th anniversary, though I’m holding out hope for a pro mirrorless system.
  • Most likely it will be called D820 (D850 is still a possibility)
  • Nikon is already planning the marketing material for the new camera
  • The sensor will be between 45-46MP.
  • The D820 is expected to be better at low and high ISO compared to Canon and better than the D810
  • The D820 could come with a new and improved version of SnapBridge. That’ll be a relief and will have to be one hell of an advancement.
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD screen
  • The memory card slots will be the same as in the D500: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system will borrow the system used in the Nikon D5.

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Nikon D820? Image:
If we look at speculation about the specifications described above, it appears that the D820 is a blend of several features and technologies that you can find on Nikon D5 and D500. Will the design and specifications in this new camera will perfect the existing system on the full-frame camera that has been launched earlier? We will know the details after Nikon released the official announcement before its launch.

The D820 or Nikon D850 is planned to replace the D810, which has an interesting specification. If it is still sold in the nearest camera store in your city or in an online store, then you can get an attractive price, especially if the replacement has been officially launched. There is a chance you will get a tempting package like the best memory card with a large capacity, maybe even a package with zoom lens. Why not? 

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